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The Experts in Timber Flooring Adelaide

Timber Flooring Adelaide

At Jonwin Floors we specialise in the supply and installation of timber flooring Adelaide. Our expert advice, large selection of quality flooring and superior coatings make us the perfect choice for your next timber flooring project.

We believe nothing makes more of a lasting impression in your home than timber floors in Adelaide. Timber flooring creates a timeless charm, a certain warmth and ambiance that cannot be matched. Furthermore, timber flooring is an environmentally sustainable choice, is easy to maintain and is low-allergenic.

We specialise in solid timber flooring Adelaide and block parquetry. Please read below to learn more about our flooring options and see which one suits you.

Solid timber

Traditional solid timber is a timeless flooring option that is extremely popular. This type of timber manages to look modern at the same time as keeping a classic vibe. It is considered a timber that never goes out of style that adds value and character to your home. Solid timber flooring is a great option for those who want a durable, hardwearing floor that is easy to care for and maintain.

The timber we use at Jonwin Floors is of the highest quality, taken from renewable or environmentally sustainable sources. Our floorboards from Adelaide can either be top nailed or secret nailed, depending on your preference. Once they have been laid, the floorboards are sanded and finished with coating.

Block Parquetry

Block parquetry is a great choice for those with a more traditional taste. The style has stood the test of time and brings character, beauty and grandeur to your home. You can be as creative with block parquetry as you like as it is laid in individual blocks, in the pattern of your choice. Designs include, square on square, brickbond, single or double herringbone and basket weaver.

Block Parquetry is easy to install as you can place it directly over timber or plywood subfloors, structafloors or concrete slabs. Parquetry is available in a range of thickness and timber styles.

To find out more about our timber flooring in Adelaide, please contact our friendly staff on 0411 646 052.